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Silkisha Sneed

Women’s History Month: Student Spotlight Interview

Silkisha Sneed a current student at Old Westbury.  Twenty-four- years-old from the Bronx, she is a senior, and her major is psychology.   People may know her on campus as Kisha. On campus she help empowers women by participating in Women United and at the Women’s Center. Full story

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Students with teacher

Goodbye Ms. Caddoo

At press time, it was learned that Cara Caddoo has accepted a teaching position in the Midwest and will not be returning to Old Westbury in the fall.    The Editors Full story

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Spanish Club OW

SUNY Old Westbury Spanish Club

    Vocabulary   Xenófobo  =  xenophobe   Definition  (Definición) noun 1.    Fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or strange. 2.    Miedo, odio a los extranjeros o extranjeras o de cualquier cosa extranjero o extraño. Racista antisemita. Full story

A Letter to My Father

Dear Daddy,


This letter is a reply to the letter you wrote me six years ago, a couple of months before you passed away. You explained that you loved my sisters and me, that you would not be able to be there when we needed you such as graduation and marriage and that you hope you would be a better father on the other side.

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The Aftermath of the Chavez Inauguration

Although President Hugo Chavez has won his fourth term in Venezuela, his prolonged absence has caused the public to question his health due to cancer treatments, his absence from the inauguration ceremony, and the breaking news regarding corruption and an assassination plot.

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Dinorah Martinez

An Interview with Dinorah Martinez

Sometimes we are so involved and busy that we don’t get a chance to get to know our SUNY Old Westbury staff members. Dinorah Martinez is the secretary of the Faculty Senate. She is also an artist who produces artwork in acrylic, watercolor, and oil. Dinorah Irene Martinez continues to create artwork in her Long Island studio. She became the artist that she is today because of the steady support and faith that she had surrounding her. She intensively practices her art, sketching constantly whether it is waiting for a bus or at the dentist. She enjoys working at Old Westbury and paints for self-fulfillment. Her artwork is featured in our library thanks to the Hispanic/Latino Cultural Center.

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A Maddening World Of Ultra-Violence

The identity of the girl will remain anonymous. For her own safety, she’ll be referred to as Shannon. This is her story on the choices she made to escape a maddening world of ultra-violence. Her story isn’t being told to make people change their position on a certain political agenda they may have. It’s just to tell her story because there are many like it.

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Black History Month

Lest We Not Forget

As we journey through this Black History Month, many of us may ask, what does it mean?

Black History Month is not a time slot for Africans of the Diaspora to be remembered,  nor is it simply  twenty-eight  days of celebration. Black History Month is mainly a symbol:  a symbol of remembrance, a symbol of reflection, a symbol of resilience.

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